Tuesday, 4 August 2015
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Dreamworld Begins Reconciliation Plan

Gold Coast theme parks Dreamworld and WhiteWater World today become the first entertainment venue in Australia to launch a Reconciliation Action Plan with the local indiginous community.  The plan looks to provide employment and business opportunities for local Indigenous peoples.

The Tamborine Mountain Botanic Gardens

The Tamborine Mountain Botanic Garden is one of those hidden gems.  The Gardens are beautiful.  Seasonal.  Appropriate.  And built with a spirit of volunteerism that has long been the defining characteristic of this extraordinary mountain community.

A Pommie's Story - A Documentary on Michael Ward

Michael Ward generates more positive stories about Tamborine Mountain than almost any other person we know.  He's always in the press, on TV and on radio singing our praises.  In a new documetary by Britain's ITV, Michael reveals that he was once a young pommie who decided to escape to the freedom of the far flung colonies.

Remembrance Day on Tamborine Mountain

Tamborine Mountain RSL President John Brookes made a moving Remembrance Day speech to a gathering of old soldiers, students and members of the public at the Tamborine Mountain War Memorial last Thursday, November 11th.  Red poppies were in abundance.

The Source of the Well

In the darkness, sound effects set a haunting theme.  The lights flicker.  There is a shuffling sound as people move about.  The lights fade up slowly to reveal “The Well”.  This was a preview, a full dress rehearsal.  

Spring Gardens Get A Soaking

Seasons on the Mountain springtime event opened three large Tamborine Mountain gardens to the public.  The event was over three days this weekend with two of the gardens in the heart of the North Tamborine village.  Even in the rain, the gardens were inspirational.

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